“An Interview with a Thinker”

With extreme cheerfulness, the troop of so-called youths and maids entered the parlour, greeted the idol of their reverence, sat and shared that was offered for their relief and cosiness, and after a moment’s silence their discourse began.
Among the visitors, was a  P.G. student of Philosophy, who though hesitatingly put the first question– “We have been hearing of you so long, but we lacked chances; … well, let us have the key-gist of your own thinking about ‘Space’ and ‘Existence’….”
The man full of gravity and devine vigour whom the question was put to, with so much of curiosity was still mute and musing over something with his eyes, closed.
At this inquiry, he stretched his lids and spoke calmly–
“My own! … who so says?… Mistaken you are all … Exploration about the mystery of Nature’s Truth by any earthly being is so far from easy…. but I think, ‘Space’

…. but I think, ‘Space’ covers the totality of existence, and that which exists cannot be said absent and without life! …. Be it either the smallest one or the biggest,
…. the weakest or the strongest. …. Even the littlest particle of dust, …. the soil-clods, ….the sun-baked tree-twigs and so forth. The earth exists in ‘Space’ and so does ‘Life’. The ‘Earth’ may colapse some day but the ‘Space’ will always be in being …. The chief quality of space is ‘Sound’, either hidden or expressed — ‘Meditation’ being the hidden texture of Soul’s sound and ‘Preaching’, the Voice of soul exposed. Isn’t it so ?….”
At this utterance of the man of forty-six, silence devoured the room. The speaker who quoted examples in his favour felt radiant to express himself. He was gently smiling but the group was amazingly silent.

Then came the turn of the next interviewer, who too wanted an answer to a very common and interesting question from literature, as he inquired —
“Some writers are often determined to be charged with their pessimism,
…throughout their works, they appear to be so and such … Do you think, such a man can ever be a pessimist or this global charge is wrong ?….”
“How can it be”– the answer from the visitee came at once — “How can a writer or a poet be pessimistic? … We do not treat him so, … we rather think of him otherwise … such a man holds his pen when he is optimistically uplifted, … a pen-man can never be a pessimist. … I’m positive.”
In this way their gossips went on, on high levels, until time of the appointment came to its close. The team of the said young gentlemen and maids of higher perception glided slowly out of the chamber, reading each of the other’s face, and interpretting within themselves the riddles of the old man’s sayings.
They looked gallant and smart, and up-to-date as well ; however, one among them who had slightly drunken in the morning to gather extra strength for the interview with such a well-known personality, wanted his fellow-collegians answer something regarding the context—
“What is the meaning of that man’s last reply?… Can any of us interpret?… I think, it is beyond our comprehension?… ”    “Do not weary us so much … mind your own ways, and please try to rectify yourself … your mouth is smelling !” — said one, pointing to the weaker side of his personality.
“Let us muse over this again and more.”– expressed another.
And thus their talks went on very longer as they walked along until one among their fair-sex companions, who seemed to have some meaning of what had been lastly replied, repeated the exact expression of the thinker to be contemplated again —
“I like to be seen ordinary and unsophisticated …. since it is quite more than that I got from my birth …. Simplicity is my essence …. ”
Above were the words given to them in reply to their closing remarks — “Why have you chosen such an ordinary suit for yourself ?…. Your shoes are also unpolished and tired ! …. Don’t you feel, you must keep pace with what recency requires !?”   Musing and thinking hard over such issues, the team moved towards the bus-stop, on foot. Every one of them was more concerned with a very single thought of what a newly-born child might get from his or her birth …. but yet the answer remained unconcluded. They reached the stand, but being a little late missed the bus by which they had proposed to get their homes back. And at last,
And at last, hiring a taxi for their destination, on and through the Highway ahead, they went out of sight.
 -Dilip Kumar “Nishad”, Sahibganj
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